Luau FoodAre you curious as to what kind of food is served at a luau? While luaus are usually known for their hula dancing, it is a traditional Hawaiian feast. While it’s a Hawaiian festival, many of the dishes are inspired by Eastern Asia. Luau food includes many types of food from banana bread to Huli-Huli chicken and fried rice. You will find fresh chicken, pineapple, coconut, salmon, and many other types of food. Did you know corn chowder is originally a Hawaiian dish?

Let’s go more in depth of what luaua food really is: Chicken Katsu is a dish of Japanese origin that is usually served at luaus. It’s a fried chicken served with Tonkatsu sauce. Huli Huli Chicken is Hawaii’s version of the barbecue chicken, cooked with Huli Huli Sauce. Chicken Luau is one of the more popular dishes at a luau. It’s a whole chicken cooked with three whole pounds of taro leaves! Lomi Lomi Salmon is a salted salmon served with fresh diced tomatoes and Maui onions. Pipikaula is a Hawaiian beef jerky. Fried rice is a common side dish in luauas, originating from China. It wouldn’t be a Hawaiian festival without some form of coconut dish: Haupia is a coconut pudding made from coconut milk, whole milk, sugar, and cornstarch. You can find other coconut desserts if you attend. You will also find chunks of freshly cut pineapple being served.

Now you can see why luau food is so popular. It combines the best elements of Hawaiian and Eastern Asian culinary tastes to make a great feast. In conjunction with the great food, the festivities are great fun as well. You can be sure you will eat well at the luau feast and have much fun dancing and watching plays while attending a luaua in Hawaii.